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ZIVA is Zimbabwe’s premier graphic design, new media and animation college offering world class training to talented young Zimbabweans and others in the region who do not have access to such training. ZIVA is registered with and accredited by the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education. The original vision for the college was conceived by Professor Saki Mafundikwa after 6 years of study and 15 years professional experience in the competitive environment of New York City, USA.

Having witnessed the radical changes in communication technology and the impact of this on global culture he decided to bring his experience back home to train young designers. ZIVA was born from this desire to give Zimbabweans the best possible grounding in both traditional and contemporary design practice, allowing students to compete on an equal footing with their peers around the world.


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 About Us

We offer a two-year diploma in graphic design, new media and animation (in partnership with Autodesk), the first such programme in the country.

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