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About The College
ZIVA’s impact in Southern Africa is immeasurable as ZIVA provides a high-quality Design education in addition to teaching New Media skills. It is committed to research and visual experimentation that taps into Africa’s own rich visual heritage. Even as Zimbabwe faces an acute brain drain, ZIVA is creating a pool of skilled people who fill up the void left by those who choose to leave.
It is our strong belief that education and sustainable training will save our country even as it continues its free-fall economically. We are well aware that no educational institution can go it alone and in the absence of philanthropy from within our country, we have to look outward if we are to achieve our original vision of providing a world-class education for not only young Zimbabweans but for those in other parts of the continent as well.
We also feel that having operated for fourteen years without a cent in grants, we have proved that the idea is sustainable and that there is a great need for it as exemplified by the exponential growth in enrollment every year.