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Mission,Vision, Values

Our Mission

ZIVA is committed first and foremost to providing a high quality design education and teaching new media skills. We are the first college of its kind in the country and different from other training facilities in that we emphasize Design; it is not enough to be proficient with the digital tools, because that is exactly all they are: tools.

Whether one wants to study print or new media, an understanding of typography, visual hierarchy, communication, interface and information design is crucial, it is the foundation.

We have also introduced Animation as a stand alone subject and have gone into partnership with Autodesk, the world’s number one producer of animation software. They have given us a three year license of all their software to develop a uniquely Zimbabwean brand of animation, and we are confident we can deliver!

Our Vision

ZIVA will be Zimbabwe’s top institution for artistic educational development locally, nationally, and internationally. Through our programs and practices we will aim to display total commitment to quality, merit and innovation. As a place of educational enhancement we will endeavour only for the highest level of excellence while enhancing our leadership role within the artistic field. We will aim not to be measured by our past accomplishments but by our imagination, innovation and visualization for the future

Our Values

ZIVA students and staff hold a set of values that we believe are essential to our identity and functioning. As the college community we collectively affirm and enact the following set of values.

  • We value innovation in approaches to learning and education.
  • We value our position in Zimbabwean society and will seek, through innovative ideas to bring trendsetting approaches to education in this country.
  • We value diversity and inclusiveness.
  • We value accountability and transparency.
  • We value excellence.
  • We value our employees.
  • To operate the institution using practices that are transparent, ethical and inclusive.